Learn All About Towelini - The World's Best BEACH TOWEL & COVER UP combination

Finally, a Wearable Beach Towel

Towelini towel dress picture showing how it's better than a sarong

Dozens of Sexy Styles:

What is Towelini?

Towelini is the first Beach Towel specially designed to wrap around your body like a Beach Cover Up, or Sarong Dress.

Why is Towelini the Best Beach Cover Up?

Towelini is amazing because it is more than just a Cover Up... it's a Beach Towel, a Sarong, a Casual Dress, a Beach Blanket and even a Beach Pillow ALL IN ONE

How does Towelini work?

Just wear your Towelini to the beach like a cover up. You can wear Towelini in dozens of sexy styles depending on your mood.

When you get to the beach, you can lay it out like a beach blanket.

Since Towelini is made of 100% organic cotton terry cloth, it is absorbent, so you can use it to dry yourself up.

Also, Towelini can be rolled into a convenient beach pillow.

Towelini Benefits

Since it can take the place of so many other beach wear items, Towelini will save you lots of space in your beach bag. Just imagine, when you go to the beach you won't have to carry a seperate beach towel, cover up, beach blanket and pillow...

Just wear your sexy Towelini, and forget about all the hassel and clutter.

Other Uses

Since Towelini is lightweight, absorbent and fast-drying it is also perfect for world travelers and backpackers. Simply pack you Towelini and forget all about those other cheap microfiber mini towels, sarongs or casual dresses. Your Towelini is all you need!

Towelini is also fantastic at the pool, or spa since it can be worn like a robe.


The 2008 line of Towelinis is available in 3 bold and sexy colors - Lime Green , Turquoise Blue and Coral

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Organic Cotton Travel Towel Sarong
Stylish and Sustainable
Organic cotton is softer and more durable than regular cotton. To promote sustainable agriculture and a healthy environment, we use only 100% organic cotton in all our travel towel sarongs.
The 2008 Towelini is here. Now made of 100% organic cotton, you can look great and be environmentally correct as well.
** Better than a sarong, coverup, or a robe - The Towelini is the most versatile and stylish travel towel dress ever **