A standard size Towelini will fit women from sizes 0 to size 16. Simply wrap the Towelini around your body and adjust the straps until it fits comfortably. If you do not know your size, simply consult the chart below.
I just got my Towelini and it doesn't fit!!
Ok, so you just got your Towelini and you tried it on for the first time. Be patient and practice wrapping it around your body a few times and tying it into different styles. The Towelini is specially made and tested to fit a wide variety of body forms. It may just take some paractice to learn how to tie Towelini properly. As the size chart above shows, it will fit up to a maximum 38 bust, 30 waist and 40 hip. If you are exactly at the maximum, you may not fit into some of the most intricate wrapping styles, but Towelini will fit you for most styles.

Take your time, take a few days, practice some styles and wear your Towelini in whatever style you feel comfortable.

For more tips on how to wrap and Tie Towelini simply,
visit the tying style guide
Wholesale Orders
If you have a store and would like to offer Towelini we can certainly work with you. Towelini makes a fantastic addition to many boutiques and department stores as well as specialty online stores. We offer great prices and we try to accomodate all retailers. Also if you are an individual looking to buy at least 10 Towelinis we can give you discount pricing. You can email us at towelini - @ - or just, use this form.
At Towelini we currently offer one shipping choice to all of our clients. We use express air shipping for all of our orders in North America. Customer orders are shipped within 48 hours and in most cases will arrive to their destination in less than 7 to 8 days. We also provide order tracking though PayPal. The standard shipping rate for one Towelini is $10. On larger orders we have a shipping calulator which will automatically calulate a total reduced rate. For example, if you order 2 Towelinis, the total shipping cost is only $15.

For shipping to Europe or any country outside of North America, please note that you may also have to pay any local duties and taxes on your purchase (please contact your local government for these rates as they vary from country to country).

Due to online payment fraud we do not ship to China, South Korea, Africa, or to unconfirmed international addresses. We also retain the right to deny shipment for any suspicious order.
Return Policy
If for any reason you are unhappy with your order, you can feel free to return it to us within 30 days for a refund (shipping cost not included). Please tell us about the problem and we will get back to you with our mailing address. Leave us your name and telephone number and a customer support representative will accept your return. To contact us, please use this form.
Methods of Payment
Through PayPal we accept all brands of credit cards as well as PayPal payment. We choose to use PayPal for the ease and security it offers to our customers. At Towelini, we do not collect, store, or view any of your confidential credit card information. All credit cards are securely processed through PayPal.
Sales Tax
We do not charge any sales tax.
Care Instructions
Each Towelini is made of 100% organic cotton terry cloth. We recommend that your Towelini be machine washed seperately in cold water and then tumble dryed.
The 2008 Towelini is here. Now made of 100% organic cotton, you can look great and be environmentally correct as well.